Quick Tips: How to upload your own books to Kindle App in Android

Quick Tips: How to upload your own books to Kindle App in Android

Kindle is the best reader application for bibliophile. But newbie with low budget will have some difficult to buy books on Amazon. Today I will show you the fastest way to upload documents or books to your Kindle app in android by sending email.

Step 1: You open your Kindle app
Step 2: You tap tab More and click to Setting


Step 3: You will check your Kindle Email address in setting


Step 4: After that, you open Gmail in compose a new email to your Kindle Email address you checked before. Don't forget to attach your file as you want in your email.

Note: You file have to follow the types of Kindle acceptance. If your file is not you can convert it by some soft wares can convert your book file.
You can check the following types of Kindle.


Step 5: After sending successfully, if this is the first time you send to Kindle by email you will receive this email from Amazon Kindle to confirm you are success to use this feature.


Then you will receive a new email with verification button to confirm for security


You will be announced that you uploaded successfully your book to Kindle app in Android.

Finally, check your book in Tab Library in your application and enjoy. Hope you have wonderful reading time.